Take Your Life Back Now!

Tell me what thoughts are holding you back. Write for the opportunity to receive a Discovery session with me at:
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YOU ready
to take

your life

 There will always be reasons not to take action until you make feeling good about your life a priority.  

The last few years have been crazy for all of us. We've had to rethink and reconfigure how to work in the new energy and balance it simultaneously. Women help each other and together set the course for fulfilling the dream that you have of you as you are:

  • clearly on purpose
  • helping others
  • shining your gifts brightly

I  Love helping high energy pioneering kick ass goddess women take their life back!! To see you re-balance your life and let go of all the icky parts, the old beliefs. The blessings come rolling in as you learn how valuable and yes, precious you really are.
We need  you to stop hiding your LIGHT!!! This is the time you came here for, right now.
We have a new paradigm to work with now, the sacred feminine is ready to fully appreciate the inate power of womanhood. Let go of your limiting beliefs with Rapid Emotional Transformation. Completely step into your awesomeness.

You are satisfied and confident with your life and shine gently and brightly like a soft beacon pulling in your perfect experiences and people.

You don't have to be a doctor or mega sales women to qualify. Your dream or purpose is divinely inspired for you. It's uniquely yours and you tucked it away until someday because you've been AFRAID TO FULFILL IT. You're the only one that will make your dream happen. It begins when you allow it to come to you and let it happen. Receive it!
Just say YES!
Envision your self  RECEIVE as a graceful, feminine and empowered benevolent queen that is fulfilling her duty to know yourself and your purpose. You are the sovereign leader of your life.
Decide now to give yourself the chance and take the quantum leap. Consider this thought: If you had one year to do whatever you want, what would it be? If you don't know, isn't it time to find out?

I can help you remove the baggage but you have to want it enough to go for it. Whatever is stopping you from fulfilling your dream can be resolved easier than you realize. This is beyond therapy to radical results.

 All  that's needed is a healthy dose of determination and inner housecleaning. This means dusting things off, finding the gems, recycling or tossing the old and designing a new relationship with yourself.
It’s letting go of things that don’t work for you anymore and creating new space for that which will work. The leap of faith must happen so that you can receive the awareness that allows you to be the Queen of your dreams and TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK.   
You have the blueprint for your unique and
                                                               special life already inside of you

Is it time to get deep answers for you and your spouse? Let us guide you in getting the love that you want. We offer a powerful, radical retreat for couples and singles. We're located in the coastal paradise of Avila Beach, Ca.  Find out if it's for you.

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