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MaryAine Curtis
 P O Box 664
  AvilaBeach, Ca. 93424
805 215-8808


photo from Ireland Series by MaryAine Curtis

Creating a bridge between what was,
what you've often felt, and how you want to be . . .


MaryAine Curtis is owner and founder of The Return to Joy! Center in San Luis Obispo, Ca. She specializes in helping people see the possibilities in their lives so they can achieve their lifetime goals and dreams. Let MaryAine be your guide to successful emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Let MaryAine help you remove your blocks to success, gain skills for life with her Self Development Coaching Techniques.     
Professional Services:     
    Spiritual Psychology Facilitator
    Inner Transformation Self Development Guide (Coach)
    Master Rapid Eye Technician (RET) and Trainer
    Licensed Somatic Massage Therapist
    Inspirational Speaker (Internationally Known)
    International Playshops and Classes

Spiritual Psychology Facilitator - 2008
Massage Therapy and Health Education - 1996
    Rapid Eye Technician - 2000
    Master Level Rapid Eye Technician - 2001
    Trainer Level Rapid Eye Technology - 2006
    Silva Mind System -2005

MaryAine enjoyed full time, successful therapy practices in Orinda and Placerville, Ca. respectively, prior to returning to San Luis Obispo County in order to be closer to family. MaryAine continuously updates her skills and expands her resources to help her clients.     
Advanced Studies:     
-- Deep Tissue Blends and Soft Tissue Release (deep tissue techniques).
-- Berry Method (corrective massage technique for chronic conditions     Practitioner).
-- Lomi Lomii (Hawaiian) massage.
-- Reiki (Master level).
--CranioSacral Therapy I and II
--Heart Centered Therapy 1 and 2

MaryAine’s own RET-Rapid Emotional Transformation Story    

Rapid Eye Technology produced benefits that changed my life, opening blocked doors in my personal sessions and paving the way toward realizing my own forgotten dream of helping others. Rapid Eye Technology and Heart Centered Therapy have helped me to release the old patterns of abuse and self loathing that I carried with me for so many years. I often asked myself ‘why I would accept an abusive relationship?’ It doesn’t happen overnight. Abusive relationships become that way slowly and usually start with verbal abuse first, like sarcasm and teasing. Now I know the difference and I am able to make a difference. Now I know how to have joy in my own life and I am helping others make a difference in their own lives.

How about your life?
Do you need more happiness in your life?

Are you searching for more and deeper meaning in your life?
Let’s go there together and release the old thought patterns and feelings that are holding you back.

The gift of RET and inner healing has allowed me to hear my own inner voice and release the old and ever present deep emotional trauma of abuse. I learned I had choices and new boundaries, and that all old wounds can heal. My experience enduring post traumatic stress along with my two husbands that were veterans, instilled in me the empathy to understand and realize what post traumatic stress feels like. I want to help you find healing and get on with your life by helping you reduce those stressful body memories. I’ll guide you out of the stress so that you can thrive too!

Rapid Eye Technology, Energy Medicine, Heart Centered Transformation, and CranioSacral Therapies became my focus because of the demand and desire of my clients to move through their emotional healing processes quickly.

I receive and use these same techniques for my own health and personal growth and these techniques constantly bring me renewed insight and amazement. I also teach my clients how to apply the self-help skills that I use so they can thrive even more with their sense of personal empowerment.

I love empowering others to find and realize their true inner beauty and purpose!

I am living my dream, so can you.

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