Take Your Life Back Now!

Drombeg Stone Circle County Cork

Towards Inch County Kerry

Sunset County Kerry

Ness Wood Waterfall County Derry

Ness Wood County Derry

Knowth Mound County Meath

Knowth Curbstone County Meath

Ruins County Clare

This is the compelling story of one woman's dream and the way it unfolded to bring her closer to her ancient roots. MaryAine Curtis discovers for herself the magic of intention, dreams and desires as she manifests her destiny in the magic and mystery of the land called Ireland. In her search for life's meaning, she discovers her own.

This is a transformational insight and photo guide to wonderful ancient sites, that will make you want to experience the deeper memory of Ireland too!

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It began with a desire to experience Newgrange, an ancient Megalithic Passage Tomb in the Boyne Valley, County Meath.       

These photos are some of my favorites and represent the most magical times that I experienced in my month driving all around the island. My quest and pilgrimage  was  searching out sacred stone circles and sites, feeling the land and her history and remembering the ancient ways of Ireland.
I've made them into greeting cards for your enjoyment.

Email me and let me know what province or county of Ireland that you come from.
I may have pictures for you.
The photos are available in these sizes and as greeting cards in packages of ten cards and envelopes in a clear box.
  • 8 x 10 photos
  • 18 X 24
  • 24 x 36


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